SVN Checksum Problem

In all my software projects now I use SVN for my source control and although very good most of the time, does have a tendancy to break sometimes.

One of the issues I get sometimes is while updating my working copy from the repository, I get the following errors:

“svn: Checksum mismatch for ‘aaa’; expected: ‘xxxxx’, actual: ‘yyy'”

You can ofcourse just delete your working copy and do another checkout, but this is not always an option for me as some of my code is heavily embedded in my development environment. So I needed another solution.

After searching the internet for sometime I came across this blog post with the following solution:

  1. checkout a clean copy to a temporary location
  2. for new and your problem checkouts, go to the folder where your svn mismatch error is thrown
  3. in that folder, go to .svn folder
  4. copy the entries file over from the clean copy
  5. svn cleanup on the problem folder
  6. svn update

Problem solved!